Our payment plans are flexible, straight forward and convenient!

1. Pay your deposit

To secure your spot on the trip of your choice, simply pay your deposit to confirm your interest!

2. Flexible installments

We provide flexible payment schedules, pay your monthly installments bi-weekly, monthly or at once

3. Finish your payments

No interest, finish paying off your trip at least 30 days before you travel.

If you book your trip less than 100 days before departure, pay your deposit and catch up with all payments 30 days before the final payment deadline. 


Aside from a transaction fee charged to each payment on our site, there is no need to worry about additional fees! With our monthly payment plan, you’ll pay no extra fees and zero interest.

If you are having trouble keeping up with payments please send an email to our support team. If you miss one payment simply catch up within 14 days of the payment due date. However, if you miss two consecutive payments, you will receive a notice email, after which you may be withdrawn from the plan altogether. 

All completed payments will be applied to your new trip and any remaining balance will be redistributed evenly over your new time frame.

Yes! You can also choose to make payments bi-weekly or pay all at once.

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Yes! We have group and referral discounts to make it even easier to afford your trip. Refer a friend and get $50 off of your trip with us!

For any additional questions regarding payments please contact