We changed our name from Chidi Ashley Travels to Luxe tribes!

New Year – New Name! Welcome, Luxe Tribes!

As we say goodbye to 2021 and set our goals for 2022 I can’t help but reflect on the past few years and how much we’ve grown. When I quit my 9-5 to start Chidi Ashley Travels I never imagined how many travelers we could reach – Chidi Ashley Travels started out as a simple travel blog and an avenue for me to share my personal experiences with others. That travel blog has blossomed into a business with over 20 full time employees curating trips for hundreds of travelers each year. With the huge amount of growth we’ve experienced I’m beyond thrilled to announce that we are rebranding and formally changing our company name to Luxe Tribes. After all, if Facebook can change their name to Meta then we can do the same!

We still offer our bucket list travel experiences, but with a focus on elevating to a whole new level!

Why are we rebranding to Luxe Tribes?

When I started Chidi Ashley Travels it was just me, Chidi of course – taking on everything from customer service to finances, sales, hosting trips and more. Since then, we have built an extensive global team of travel experts who are pivotal to the success of this business hence it was only right that our name reflects the growth in our business. Our new name, Luxe Tribes, highlights our specialization in one of a kind luxury experiences while also emphasizing the community aspect of travel which we have created with our group trips!

Another thing that prompted the rebrand is that we will be broadening our offerings to include more diverse areas of travel. On top of what we’ve offered in the past with our group trips and private experiences, we will be focusing on providing more bucket list experiences in the form of:

  • Specialized travel events
  • Private retreats
  • Corporate retreats
  • Elopements
  • And more!

What Else To Expect?

Beyond just the name, there are some more changes that you can expect to see throughout 2022 and beyond.

Better customer service

One thing that is incredibly important to us at Luxe Tribes is customer service. As we expand to offer more experiences and services, we are also expanding our customer service team. Growing our team means we can double down on your customer experience to provide faster response times and ensure all your needs are met promptly. We are also creating an escalations team to ensure serious issues are handled as soon as they arise and can be directed to relevant team leads.

Instant private trip bookings

Aside from our bespoke private trip packages we are now offering private trip packages that you can book right away. No more waiting for a quotation or itinerary! You can head straight to our website to browse all the available options, including their prices, and book them whenever you’re ready.

New office

We are officially opening a new office in Dubai! Part of the team at Luxe Tribes will be based in our Dubai office moving forward. So, what does that mean for our customers? Having multiple bases means that we have access to more destinations, build a wider network and of course create even better travel packages for you.

Updated website experience

We are updating our website experience, which will include more effective ways for you to manage your upcoming bookings. Some of the new features will include:

  • Access to all of your trip information in one place – simply log into your account
  • Flexible payment options
  • Waiting lists for upcoming trips
  • Email notifications – receive automatic reminders when new updates have been made to your trip
  • Instant itineraries – log into your account and access your trip itinerary in one place
  • Notifications – receive all email notifications and trip updates to your Luxe Tribes account

What does Luxe Tribes for you?

If you’ve booked upcoming or ongoing trips with Chidi Ashley Travels, we want to assure you that the rebranding will not impact your bookings in any way. And you can still access your account using the same login details as before with the same inclusions we originally offered.

Looking forward to the future of Luxe Tribes

Although we are officially saying goodbye to our Chidi Ashley Travels name, Luxe Tribes still embodies the same values that we’ve always prided ourselves on at Chidi Ashley Travels. We are taking our brand to the next level in 2022, and we’re glad you’re on this journey with us!

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