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Luxe Tribes is all about encouraging everyone to adventure more by breaking barriers and making travel exciting and accessible with our bucket list experiences!

how it started

“I was never going to go if I waited for someone to come with me"

To me travel is an essential pillar to living a life filled with purpose and meaning. It enables you to venture beyond your small pocket of the world and find beauty in the unknown. I started Luxe Tribes as an avenue to connect with other travelers, since then it has grown beyond anything I could have ever imagined.We help thousands of travelers each year plan stress-free getaways, from our group travel meet-ups to our private experiences!

Finding friends who valued and prioritized traveling was always my biggest challenge and for so long I let that stop me from living my life to the fullest. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or you finally mustered up the courage to take that first step, the experiences and travel packages we curate are all about building lasting friendships beyond your existing circle of friends, opening up to new cultures and supporting the local communities in the destinations we visit.

Our advantages

Get excited let go the fear and adventure more

Payment plans

Our trips are meant to be affordable and convenient for you. We provide flexible payment schedules and you can choose to pay for your trip in full or monthly!

Curated experiences

Each trip is meticulously planned. Our team works with an array of trusted service providers, local creatives and small businesses who have an unparalleled expertise on their countries. We curate experiences to places we have spent significant time getting acquainted with. This way our team is able to put together meaningful experiences with the knowledge of what truly works and what doesn’t.

A travel community

Waiting for others to commit is over; Our group travel meet ups bring together likeminded professionals from all over the world. We are all about venturing beyond your comfort zone and meeting new people!

Giving back

Aside from working with locals and small businesses in each destination. Part of the proceeds for each trip goes towards enriching the local communities in the countries you visit.


Travel With Confidence

1. We will always ensure you feel supported with our virtual and on ground staff presence. Our team is there to guide you through the experience and that starts from before you board your flight.

2.Your safety is always at the top of mind and thus we have tight procedures in place to keep you safe throughout your trip.

3. Our travel experiences always go beyond the standard tour company trips. We source the best activities, adventures and cultural experiences for each destination! We don’t do the typical crowded tour bus trips, our experiences are handcrafted by travelers for travelers!

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Boujee in Bali 2022


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Morocco 2022


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Greece 2022



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Group Trips

We bring like-minded working professionals together in bucket list destinations!

Private Trips

Who better to plan your trip than someone who has actually visited the country and knows what works and what doesn’t?


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Giving back

Do more with your travel

We believe that travel should be sustainable and responsible!

As a company we strive to create meaningful experiences and interactions with the local communities across the various countries we host trips in. We educate ourselves about global and local issues and we give back by donating a portion of the profits made from each trip towards important local causes.

As we travel and host trips globally we not only empower local businesses by supporting small business owners but we also seek out partnerships with organizations that are all about the betterment of their communities.

“It is every man’s obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it“

- Albert Einstein

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Chidi Ashley

When I first started Luxe Tribes I never could have imagined how quickly we would grow – we have built a team of professionals from all corners of the globe to reflect the diverse experiences we aim to provide. Our team comprises of alumni from past trips, travelers I have connected with during my solo journeys and specialized in house agents with years of expertise whom I work with extensively to ensure that each trip is curated and executed with care and special attention to detail.

Despite our different backgrounds we each share a love for travel and people which we translate into the meaningful experiences we curate.



Aeisha is our business operations manager and a Chartered Certified Accountant by profession who chose to pivot and instead focus full time on her passion for traveling, people and charity.

Her zest for adventure and exploring other cultures has taken her to almost 30 countries as a solo traveler. Aeisha uses every opportunity to encourage others to show up, break out of their comfort zone and live their best lives – whatever that means for them.

Contact: aeisha@luxetribes.com



Armaan is a doctor turned travel connoisseur. He’s based in Malaysia but Bali and India are home away from home for him. He juggles logistics for group trips, strategic local partnerships and travels around the world ensuring we are able to deliver the best group trip experiences possible.

Contact: Armaanv@luxetribes.com



Samantha lived between Bali and England for 3 years before permanently moving in June 2018 – she married a Balinese local and started a family in her dream country. She explores all corners of the island and has gained an insiders perspective into all the best parts of Bali especially the off the beaten road experiences which she loves to share with our guests.

Contact: Samantha@luxetribes.com



Estelle is originally from France and moved to Thailand to establish a career in the hospitality and travel industry! She is based in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand. Southeast Asia’s main hub and spends her free time traveling its neighboring countries, allowing Estelle to share with you her best travel insights and recommendations for trips across Asia.

Contact: estelle@luxetribes.com



Federica is our Europe travel guru based in Rome, Italy.

She has lived in Italy, Spain, Kenya, Zanzibar and Sweden working in the hospitality industry for over a decade. Federica is your go to girl for destination events, couples trips, safety first solo trips and all other curated getaways across Europe.

Contact: federica@luxetribes.com



Alfredo is based in Cartagena, Colombia! He considers herself a creative, dreamer, and is all about radiating good energy. You will find him bouncing around South America hosting our epic group trips from Costa Rica, to Colombia, Peru and beyond.

He is your go to guy for all South American group experiences!

Contact: alfredo@luxetribes.com



Daniela is based in Argentina! She is all about local and international travel around South America and loves to experience the world and its cultural value. Working in the travel industry and dealing with shaping new experiences at Luxe Tribes is a catalyst for her Ikigai.

She is our customer support specialist and is always ready to provide you with the tips, resources and info for your upcoming group trips.

Contact: daniela@luxetribes.com



An Events, Logistics, and Hotelier Guru by profession and fitness enthusiast from Nairobi, Kenya. Priscilla is all about producing high-quality events that create impactful experiences that exceed our client’s expectations.

When she is not at work, Priscilla enjoys connecting with nature and of course, traveling. Her favorite destinations include Mauritius, Europe, and of course her motherland Kenya.

Contact: Priscilla@luxetribes.com



Jovie is our customer service representative focusing primarily on supporting our private experiences  team. He is from the Philippines and loves getting to know people, he is always the first to spark up a conversation and these skills have aided him in the Sales and Customer Service industry for the past 10 years.

Contact: jovie@luxetribes.com



Nancy is from Nairobi, Kenya. She graduated from United States International University – Africa with a degree in Travel & Tourism Management. Travel has always been her passion. She thrives in solo traveling, adventure, taking spontaneous trips, meeting new people from different cultures & trying out different cuisines. She is a firm believer that travel is the key to a broad mind and an open soul!

Contact: nancy@luxetribes.com



Belle is from the Philippines and She finished a degree in Aeronautical Information Technology before she joined the Luxe Tribes team – she is our go to gal for customer support specifically focusing on ensuring our private experiences travelers have all of the information and attention they deserve. She is an avid traveler and of course the Philippines is the perfect base from which she explores many different islands.

Contact: belle@luxetribes.com



Ioanna is an experienced planner for your trips to Europe and Dubai. Living between Greece and Dubai, she can curate anything, from a honeymoon getaway in Santorini to a luxurious Dubai family vacation. Ioanna has more than 10 years in planning and delivering high end experiences with a wide network of local contacts in each country.
She is a traveler by passion, always keen to discover new destinations which makes her the perfect person to handle your next getaway!

Contact: ioanna@luxetribes.com



Linda is based in Nicaragua, She is all about adventure, being outdoors and learning about new cultures! She enjoys music especially reggae, reggae soul, and dance hall and of course she loves to travel, particularly to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Linda is your go to gal for questions and concerns relating to our group trips, she is always one phone call away and is here to support you throughout the booking process.

Contact: linda@luxetribes.com

Social Media and community coordinator


Rianna is our Social media and Community coordinator. She is based in her home country Kenya but has also had the privilege to call
Netherlands and Mauritius home. She keeps us trending across our social platforms while juggling influencer partnerships and connecting our online audience with all of the latest travel updates.

Contact: rianna@luxetribes.com

Group Experiences travel planner & host

Captain Joyce

Aside from flying hot air balloons Captain Joyce is our go to gal for hosting and organizing bucket list group experiences. Her life mission is to curate extraordinary trips and spread good vibes. She is a Tourism & Hospitality graduate, trained pilot and lover of photography and travel. Working at Luxe tribes she is all about spreading Kenyan warmth as she hops from country to country hosting our amazing solo travelers!

Contact: joyce@luxetribes.com

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