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Alexcia Paisley

(Costa Rica - 2021)

The trip to Costa Rica was truly adventurous. I can’t think of traveling with a better group of people. The hosts Ebun and Rasheeda were amazing, their energy, their care, their friendliness was top notch and they picked a travel director as well. The photographers were great as well. My experience was top notch and I will definitely be doing a trip with Chidi Ashley again

Shatira Jackson

(Colombia - 2021)

I just came back from Cartegena and I must say it was a good trip. The hosts were friendly and accommodating. Chidi Ashley did a great job with the itinerary. The trip was a great mix of relaxation, activities and culture. I would definitely travel with Chidi Ashley again.

Amya Miller

(Costa Rica - 2021)

I went on Costa Rica into the Jungle trip and loved every minute of it! It was truly a jungle adventure and I had so much fun. Luxe Tribes put everything together beautifully, the women in my group and the hosts were amazing, and I can’t wait to take my next Chidi Ashley trip!

Paige Harmon

(Costa Rica - 2021)

If you’re thinking about traveling with Chidi Ashley travels, don’t hesitate. Just do it! I went on the Costa Rica “into the jungle” trip, without knowing anyone, & I had an amazing time. Our hosts were phenomenal and they made sure we all had what we needed. Also, when they said adventure, they meant it! Everyday was jam packed with something do. Atvs, a catamaran, zip lining, waterfalls, & beautiful views. Plus making new connections with other like-minded individuals really added to the experience! This trip overall was 10/10 & I can’t wait to travel with C.A.T again!!

Laura Smith

(Colombia - 2021)

Went to Cartagena through Chidi Ashley & it was a very fun time!!! The hosts, Ebun & Rasheeda were very nice & made everything so fun! The ladies on the tour were very nice as well & I can’t wait to book another trip through this service! Thanks again!!!!!!

Ambreya Hayes

(Costa Rica - 2021)

I had an amazing trip to Costa Rica with 14 other women that fed my soul in ways they will never understand. This trip was everything I needed it to be! I got to do all the adrenaline junkie things that gave me life while looking cute and taking fabulous pictures at the same time. The trip really was a curated experience that I never would have been able to plan for myself. I will definitely be taking a trip with them again.

Brittani O’hara

(Colombia - 2021)

Luxe Tribes did an amazing job with my trip to Cartagena! I took a chance where I decided to travel solo & I have absolutely no regrets! The host, along with the group of ladies that attended were so inviting! I couldn’t have dreamed of a better adventure! I can’t wait until October to visit Peru with the team! Thanks again for being so welcoming 😘

Jae Lizana

(Colombia - 2021)

I would recommend the entire experience. I traveled to Cartagena Colombia with Luxe Tribes and to was definitely a euphoric feeling to be around so many successful black women, with amazing energy. We started the trip all as strangers, but i can honestly say it felt as if i planes a girls trip with all my cousins. I’m truly thankful for the experience.

Steve Walker

(Turkey - 2021)

We had an amazing trip… Thank you Luxe Tribes for planning such an amazing trip to Turkey. We cannot wait for our next adventure to use your services again.

Brittany Gerrald

(Bali Private experience )

I couldn’t have celebrated my 32 birthday in any other way than going to Ubud under Luxe Tribes. I literally had no worries and did not have to do anything except show up. The accommodations and the experiences were amazing. My driver Eda was spectacular and so knowledgeable and nice. I loved all the adventures I went on. My biggest regret was not staying longer than a week. I didn’t have enough time so that means….another trip to Bali. I cannot wait til my next trip.


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