5 Travel Destinations To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

You deserve a summer bucket list that is Insta-worthy! 2022 seems to finally be the year things are getting back to normal. Well, the new normal anyway. Having spent the last two years indoors, it’s no longer giving what it’s supposed to give. If you’ve been going stir crazy sitting at home, consider this your sign to start tackling your travel bucket list. Restrictions are lifting in more and more countries, and COVID guidelines are becoming more streamlined. Is this the summer you’re going to stop putting your life on pause?

If you’re trying to be team – WE OUTSIDE this summer then make sure to check out these 5 destinations to add to your summer bucket list.

1. Aruba

This island offers beautiful white sand beaches and has plenty of sunshine to spare. Perfectly positioned in the Caribbean so that there is almost always a nice breeze making the climate quite comfortable. As a bonus, hurricanes are a rarity so summer hurricane season shouldn’t rain on your summer parade. Pack your bug spray and your bikini and let the hospitality of the locals draw you in.

2. Peru

The whole of Peru and not just Machu Picchu. While checking a World Wonder off your list is amazing and Instagrammable AF, Peru is so much more. Foodies should take comfort in knowing that Peru has consistently ranked amongst the world’s best culinary destinations for years. As a culturally rich country, Peruvian food is a hodgepodge of sorts drawing inspiration from its African, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian roots. While there is more to Peru than gastronomic delight, it surely doesn’t hurt either.

3. South Africa

Did you say you want to go somewhere you can have it all? South Africa is definitely it! There’s a reason it’s known as “The World In One Country”. Beautiful beaches? Check. Historical significance? Check. Life-altering cuisine? Double-check! Not to mention the hospitality here is unmatched. There is enough going on to satisfy everyone on your next girls’ trip, and then some. Warning! This is the place you visit and never want to leave.

4. Spain

If you’re looking to step outside your comfort zone this summer, Spain should be at the top of your bucket list. New and experienced adventurers alike will have plenty to keep them busy.
Zipline through some of the most stunning backdrops you may ever see. The landscapes here boast surreal mountain and coastal views. Hop on a train tour to soak them all in while satisfying your inner adrenaline junky in the process.

5. Zanzibar

Zanzibar is a water lover’s paradise. The clear water and diverse coral reef marine life are ideal for anyone looking to scuba dive or snorkel on their next trip. If water activities aren’t your thing, Zanzibar is also an excellent destination for peace and relaxation. Tucked away from the mainland of Tanzania, this island is sure to be a lazy lover’s paradise.


Covid said if there was ever a lesson to be learned over the last two years it’s that life is unpredictable and meant to be lived. Start incorporating travel into your life as a means of self-care TUH-DAY!

Ready to get planning but have no idea where to start? Let one of our incredible trip curators handle the details and logistics for you. We have a wide array of expertly crafted group and private trips available and can also create custom travel arrangements to suit any travel style and budget.

About the Author:
Ayishia is a self-proclaimed Charleston native and pseudo digital nomad. After quitting her job in 2020 on the belief that there’s more than one way to make a living, she now lives life on her own terms. Connect with her on her website ayishiaparsley.com


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