Bali in 2023 – Why You Should Still Travel Here


Bali is a gorgeous country with so much to explore, and we still think you should travel to Bali in 2023. Recently the Balinese government passed a new law prohibiting sex outside of marriage and banning unmarried couples from living together. Although this law will not come into effect for 3 years, it has left us with some uncertainty about the impact on tourism. Government officials have insisted that tourists shouldn’t be concerned about these changes and that enforcement will be more locally-focused. However, we will still need to wait and see the outcomes once the law is officially implemented.

In the meantime, there are still so many amazing things to see and do in Bali. We shouldn’t let any speculations impact our chances to experience all the cultural, natural, and culinary wonders of Bali.

Here are some of our favorite activities to do when in Bali in 2023:

Floating breakfast

Floating breakfast has become a huge trend in Bali. This allows you to enjoy your meal  while floating in the pool and taking in incredible views. What a way to start off the day.

Bali swing

Who says kids should have all the fun? Try out an adult-size Bali swing and swing out over beautiful valleys with views of the rice terraces. Don’t forget to have someone snap a picture or two.

Ubud market 

The Ubud art market features hundreds of stalls with local people selling crafts, souvenirs, clothing, and food. 

Spas, spas, and more spas!

With the entire island revolving around feelings of zen, make sure to take advantage of the hundreds of spas. Enjoy a massage or other healing therapy, there are many to choose from!

Flower bath experience 

Many hotels in Bali offer flower baths, and, they are more than just aesthetically pleasing. The natural oils emitted from the flower petals offer healing properties and aid in relaxation as well. 

Couples candlelight dinner

Bali is a romantic destination, with warm weather, breathtaking sunsets, and incredible nature the island attracts many honeymooners and couples. The hotels and restaurants go above and beyond to romanticize the experience. Make sure to take the time and enjoy a couples’ candlelit dinner.

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is a smaller island off the coast of Bali that is worth the short boat ride. It’s known for its healthy coral reefs and picturesque cliffs along the coastline.

Luxury villas and hotels at great prices

Bali provides the opportunity for travelers to access luxury-level experiences and accommodation without the price tag. Who can complain about that?! With inflation, Bali in 2023 is looking better everyday.

Sunset sailing experience 

What can be better than experiencing a sunset in Bali?  Maybe enjoying one on the water from the tranquility of a sailboat? We think so!

Rice terraces 

Indonesia is the third biggest producer of rice in the world. The rice terraces are magical to look at and provide unobstructed views of the surrounding land. Rice is an important part of Indonesian culture and has shaped the Balinese landscape over many hundreds of years. 

Fun beach clubs 

Bali is home to tons of fun beach clubs. Some of our favorites include Potato Head Beach Club, Sundays Beach Club, Single Fin, and Karma Beach Club. 

Healthy food 

Balinese cuisine is incredibly healthy. The climate and soil enables the island to grow many types of fruits and vegetables, including many you may not have heard of. Rambutan, mangosteen, soursop, and durian are just a few. A trip to Bali in 2023 is the perfect opportunity to try them out! 

Why you should still travel to Bali in 2023

Bali is an incredible travel destination that’s unlike anywhere else on the planet.We offer both private and group trips to Bali that combine all these amazing activities into one life-changing travel adventure. Since we do all the planning, you can just show up and enjoy!

We can create a custom travel itinerary that is tailored to you, and we have a full-service team in Bali ready to curate your experience based on your specific dates and budget. Click here to request a custom trip!


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  Bali is a gorgeous country with so much to explore, and we still think you should travel to Bali in 2023. Recently the Balinese government passed a new law prohibiting sex outside of marriage and banning unmarried couples from living together. Although this law will not come into effect for 3 years, it has …

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